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Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Snow Otani Walk, Shirakawago and Hida Takayama Fantastic 2 Days Tour! TYO0896 / B0060

JPY 38,900~48,900
Departure Place
: Depart from Tokyo
Departure Period
: 2018.04.14 - 2018.06.16
Tour Length
: 2 days
: English (iPad), Chinese (iPad), Japanese,


  • Starting from 15th April - Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route! A valuable chance to experience the snow walk of Otani for the great snow wall.
  • Great time for Spring Shirakawago! Enjoy the fresh atmosphere of the nature.
  • Enjoy your free time for 1 hour at Hida Takayama! Have a great sightseeing and shopping time.
Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route “Yuki no Otani


Day 1
Departure Place
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bus Parking Lot[ Google Maps ][ Download ]
Meal(s)Breakfast : 0 / Lunch : 0 / Supper : 1
07:30Departure from Shinjuku Tocho
※During Golden Week on 3, 4 May will depart 30 minutes earlier at 07:00 am!!!!
<Highway/Lunch at own expense>
12:00Alps Street Hirayu
(Resting and Shopping / Around 30 mins)
13:25Hida Takayama
(Walk around the nostalgic street/ Around 60 mins)
(Walk around the World Heritage/ Around 60 mins)
18:00Hotel in Toyama-shi
(Dinner: Seafood buffet with over 30 types of gourmet)
Day 2
Meal(s)Breakfast : 1 / Lunch : 0 / Supper : 0
07:00Departure from Hotel in Toyama-shi ※Departure time (6:20~9:00)
(Breakfast included)
08:00 Tateyama Station
09:00≪From Tateyama to Ougisawa through Tateyama Kurobe Alps/ Around 7 hours≫
Tateyama ⇒<Tateyama Cable Car>⇒Bijodaira
<Kogen Bus>⇒ Murodo
(Experience the Otani Snow Walk within the altitude of 2400 metres, lunch at own expense/ Around 60-90 mins)
<Tateyama Tunnel Trolley Bus>⇒Daikanbo⇒<Tateyama Ropeway>⇒Kurobedaira⇒<Kurobe Cable car>
Lake Kurobe
Kurobe Dam
20:30Arrival at Shinjuku

Tour Plans

※The [start booking] button vary depends on departure date.
ARoom shared by 1 to 3 person


12 or above
JPY 38,900
3 to 11
JPY 37,900
Start BookingStart BookingPlease choose dates and no. of guests on next page.
BRoom shared by 1 to 3 person


12 or above
JPY 39,900
3 to 11
JPY 38,900
Start BookingStart BookingPlease choose dates and no. of guests on next page.
CRoom shared by 1 to 3 person


12 or above
JPY 48,900
3 to 11
JPY 47,900
Start BookingStart BookingPlease choose dates and no. of guests on next page.


Yuki no Otani (Snow Wall)

After the whole line opened for Alpine route between mid-April to mid-June, visitors are able to walk through the dynamic snow wall. The route is about 500 metres long and 20 metres high. Here you are able to see and touch the snow wall, and you will definitely enjoy the snow world at an altitude of 2450 metres.


Shirakawago Village has became a popular tourist spot since being registered as the World Cultural Heritage in 1995.
There are over 1.4 million tourists visiting here every year. Within the village, there are private house, Bed & Breakfast (B&B) and restaurant, etc. opened to public, also scattered with "Gassho House" (Thatch roof in herringbone shape), which full of original tradition and scenery of Japan.
Please come and enjoy the comfortable and healing moment by talking a walk in the village in Spring.


Takayama, where being known as "Little Kyoto" of Hida, lined with many traditional architectures in Japan. As there are lots of restaurants, souvenirs shops and hotels, etc. , many tourists come for sightseeing. Long time ago it was a prosperous town under the castle, the historical relic and its name is still well-known by most of the Japanese now. Sakura in Spring, green trees in Summer, Autumn leaves in Autumn and snow in Winter. You can enjoy the beautiful scenes throughout the whole year.

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Cancellation Policy

20day(s) before tour date20% of total
7day(s) before tour date30% of total
1day(s) before tour date40% of total
The day100% of total
Cancellation standard is based on our business hour (until 17:30 in Japan time).
※ Please be noted that we are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and New Year Holidays (29Dec to 3Jan) .


Region(s) Gifu, Shirakawa-go
Language English (iPad), Chinese (iPad), JapaneseWhat is video translation service?
Range of language support
Not included introduction and explanation of tourist attraction during the tour.
But on the departure date, we can prepare and distribute travel voucher which written in your desire language (English or Chinese). So you can understand better about the trip.
Minimum number of participants for operation 25 persons
There is a minimum requirement on number of participant for holding the tour. In case minimum number is not reached and the tour need to be cancelled, notice will be sent by e-mail 14 days before departure d​ay​ (4 days before for 1 day tour). ​T​our fee paid will be fully refunded.
  • Language used by accompanied staff is Japanese, and "video translation service" or "pocket translation device" will be used for language support. In addition on the departure day, we will distribute travel voucher which written in your desire language. (English or Chinese)
  • Participant of this tour will ride with Japan local visitor.
  • In case of traffic congestion or any other uncontrollable reasons, may lead to changes on tour schedule or time shorten in each sightseeing spots, please be noted in advance.
  • Temperature in Murodo sometimes below freezing point. Please prepare yourself a rain coat, umbrella and warm clothing.
  • Please put on shoes that you are comfortable with for the walk. In addition, the sunlight may be strong, please bring along your sunglasses with you.
  • The hotel may be changed to another hotel with equivalent class or higher. (Notice will be given on departure day)
  • About accommodation, reservation of 2 people in one room may change to 2 people in separate rooms. (Notice on departure day)
  • Other Notes
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