Exchange rate
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JPYCNY 0.058
JPYTWD 0.274
JPYHKD 0.072
JPYMYR 0.036
JPYVND 208.509
JPYPHP 0.482
JPYUSD 0.009

What is video translation service?

Since the accompanied tour staff is Japanese, Japanese will be used for explaination throughout the whole journey. In order to facilitate communication between participant and tour staff, video translation service will be used.
On the departure day, tour staff will bring along an iPad. This iPad can directly link to the professional translator. This system enable verbal communication between 3 parties. (According to different departure dates, instead of ipad, "pocket translation device" will be used for translation service.)

Instructions for video translation service

  • Please kindly inform the tour staff about your needs in your own language.
  • Tour staff will use iPad to contact related professional translator for translation service.
  • Participant can directly talk to translator for enquiries by video talk.
  • Translator will make translation and commuicate with the tour staff about the enquiries.
  • Tour staff will answer participant's questions through translator.
  • Translator will make translation and answer to the participant.

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