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Strawberry Paradise!★Sightseeing at World Heritage Nikko and Praying at Rinnoji Temple & Picking Strawberry "Skyberry" and Strawberry Dessert All-You-Can-Eat! TYO1192 / A0057

JPY 12,980
Departure Place
: Depart from Tokyo
Departure Period
: 2018.01.01 - 2018.05.29
Tour Length
: 1 day
: English (iPad), Chinese (iPad), Japanese,


  • All-you-can-eat high quality strawberry variety "Skyberry" which produced in Tochigi Prefecture! Being graded as three stars strawberry! Big, sweet and shiny! Balance of sugar and acidity are just prefect, super delicious!
  • Sightseeing at Rinnoji Temple! Use paper to write down your wishes and pray here!
  • "Yomeimon Main Gate" inside Toshogu Shrine is a national treasure of Japan! After the renovation it is reopened to the public and became a hit topic again! You can take a walk here inside the shrine! (Admission fee at own expense) Nikko Toshogu Shrine is built to worship Tokugawa Iyeyasu, and was registered as a World Heritage in 1999. The buildings inside are all designed and built by famous artisans from all over the country, especially sculptures on the pillars are extremely gorgeous and beautiful!
  • Lunch with pork hot pot and chestnut rice! Chestnut rice is steamed with traditional steamer!【Menu example】Delicious pork hot pot, steamed chestnut rice, udon noodles, tofu skin, konjac sashimi, tofu skin rolls and simmered dish.
  • Watch the beautiful scenery of the mountain while having a relaxing bath in the natural hot spring !【Hot spring type】Alkaline (natural hot spring)【Effect】Treatment for neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, cold, blood circulation and fatigue recovery etc.


Departure Place
Shinjuku Station West Exit Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower Front[ Google Maps ][ Download ]
Meal(s)Breakfast : 0 / Lunch : 1 / Supper : 0
08:00Departure from Shinjuku (Gathering at 07:45am)
11:00Oyama-shi, Tochigi Prefecture
(High quality strawberry variety "Skyberry" all-you-can-eat!/ Around 30 mins)
13:00Bandai Nikko Shop
(Lunch with pork hot pot and chestnut rice set/ Around 50 mins)
14:00Rinnoji Temple
(Sightseeing and worshiping/ Around 30 mins)
14:30Nikko mountain area
(Strolling around Nikko mountain area/ Around 60 mins)
15:30Nikko Castella Main Shop
(All-you-can-eat strawberry desserts/ Around 30 mins)
16:30Romantic Hot Spring Village Aguri
(Hot spring bath/ Around 60 mins)
19:50Arrival at Shinjuku

Tour Plans

APer person


12 or above
JPY 12,980
3 to 11
JPY 11,980
Start BookingStart BookingPlease choose dates and no. of guests on next page.


Strawberry Picking

Strawberries have always been defined as symbol of love and pink strawberries may force you to think of your lover!
Try to have a different experience in the farm of countryside and back to the rural leisurely.
Picking Tips: Remember to pick strawberries in slight pinch, and then cut off from the stalk but not to pull,
or it will hurt the ripe fruit and pull off the fruit branch.

Romantic Hot Spring Village Aguri

Watch the beautiful scenery of the mountain while having a relaxing bath in the natural hot spring !【Hot spring type】Alkaline (natural hot spring)【Effect】Treatment for neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, cold, blood circulation and fatigue recovery etc.

Nikko Toshogu Shrine

It is a power spot for worshipping Japan's old leader Tokugawa Ieyasu. You can enjoy the scenes of Sakura, green trees and Autumn leaves, etc. in four seasons of Japan. "Three Wise Monkeys" representing "See no Evil", "Hear no Evil" and "Speak no Evil", "Sleeping Cat" and "Yomeimon Gate" are especially famous. There are also two World Heritage in Nikko, included Lake Chuzenji and Kegon no Taki Falls, are popular tourist destinations.

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Cancellation Policy

10day(s) before tour date20% of total
7day(s) before tour date30% of total
1day(s) before tour date40% of total
The day100% of total
Cancellation standard is based on our business hour (until 17:30 in Japan time).
※ Please be noted that we are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and New Year Holidays (29Dec to 3Jan) .


Region(s) Tochigi
Language English (iPad), Chinese (iPad), JapaneseWhat is video translation service?
Range of language support
Not included introduction and explanation of tourist attraction during the tour.
But on the departure date, we can prepare and distribute travel voucher which written in your desire language (English or Chinese). So you can understand better about the trip.
Minimum number of participants for operation 15 persons
There is a minimum requirement on number of participant for holding the tour. In case minimum number is not reached and the tour need to be cancelled, notice will be sent by e-mail 14 days before departure d​ay​ (4 days before for 1 day tour). ​T​our fee paid will be fully refunded.
  • Accompanied tour staff will use Japanese for explanation. Video translation service will be applied for language support.
  • Participant of this tour will ride with Japan local visitor.
  • Please be noted that you cannot change the scheduled return location after the tour.
  • In case of traffic congestion or any other uncontrollable reasons, may lead to changes on tour schedule or time shorten in each sightseeing spots, please be noted in advance.
  • As ripeness of strawberries depends on changing of weather, there is a chance that strawberries picked in advance will be distributed and shared to tour participants for tasting or given as gift.
  • Based on the growing condition of the "Skyberry", strawberry varieties may change to "Tochiotome" all-you-can-eat + "Skyberry" tasting and comparing.
  • During free time at Nikko mountain area, admission fee of each sightseeing spot will be at own expense. (Tour fee only included Rinnoji Temple admission fee)
  • Romantic Hot Spring Village Aguri hot spring bath: Face towel at JPY210 each (for sell) and bath towel at JPY210 each (for rental) .
  • Other Notes
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