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Campaign Tour! Visit Mt. Fuji 5th Station, Lake Kawaguchi, Oshino Hakkai & Gotemba Premium Outlets! TYO1109 / Z0044

JPY 12,99010,99016% OFF
Departure Place
: Depart from Tokyo
Departure Period
: 2017.07.22 - 2018.11.24
Tour Length
: 1 day
: English (Audio), Chinese (Audio), Japanese,


  • Passing through Fuji Subaru Line and arrive at Mt. Fuji 5th Station. Visit the power spot, Mt. Fuji Komitake Shrine!
  • Enjoy Yamanashi Prefecture famous "Houtou Noodles" meal set as Lunch. You can overlook Mt. Fuji in the restaurant as well while enjoying your food!
  • Visit the famous Mt. Fuji water spring, "Oshino Hakkai"! The view of Mt. Fuji from here is also extremely beautiful!
  • Shopping at Gotemba Premium Outlets for 2 hours. International brand products with discount 5 to 15%, shopping coupon also given as gift!
  • There are 4 happy giveaways for this tour! ① Character goods ② "Tokyo Travel Guide Book" with various coupons ③ Lucky bell ④Mt. Fuji key-chain
Mt Fuji 5th Station


Departure Place
Shinjuku Station West Exit Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower Front[ Google Maps ][ Download ]
Meal(s)Breakfast : 0 / Lunch : 1 / Supper : 0
08:00Departure from Shinjuku (Gathering at 07:45)
※For departure on 3 May, 4May will be 40 mins earlier, gathering at 07:10 am and departure at 07:20 am.
<Fuji Subaru Line>
10:30Mt. Fuji 5th Station
(Sightseeing/ Around 50 mins)
※From mid-November to mid-April, Fuji Suburu Line will be blocked and closed due to heavy snow and other weather conditions. In this case the road cannot be pass through, and the tour schedule will change to visit "Fuji Visitor Center". Depends on snow conditions, it may change to visit Fuji 1st to 4th Station as well.
12:00Kawaguchi lakeside restaurant
(Lunch with "Houtou Noodles" meal set/ Around 50 mins)
13:20Oshino Hakkai
(Sightseeing/ Around 40 mins)
14:30Shopping at Gotemba Premium Outlets/ Around 100~120 mins
※5 to 15% shopping coupon given as gift
18:30Arrival at Shinjuku

Tour Plans

APer person


12 or above
JPY 10,990
3 to 11
JPY 10,480
Start BookingStart BookingPlease choose dates and no. of guests on next page.


Oshino Hakkai

Oshino Hakkai is a group of springs located in Oshino Village, Yamanashi Prefecture. Snow that melted from Mt. Fuji, is filtered between underground lava, over the course of about 20 years and it creates 8 springs. By going through such a natural process, it created one of the most clearest water in Japan. With the average water temperature of 13 degrees celcius, the water is very freshening. This area is the precious Japan's natural treasure.

Mt. Fuji 5th Station

You can go to Mt. Fuji 5th Station through Fuji Subaru Line by tour bus. It is located at the forest boundary line. There are many shops at the entrance of the mountain trail, also a shrine here which attract many tourists to pay a visit. From Mt. Fuji 5th Station you are able to see scenery above the clouds as well.

Gotemba Premium Outlets

Having an image of the historic streets of North America, "Gotemba Premium Outlets" is a domestic outlet with the largest store area. More than 200 shops from luxury brands to dining options are gathered here. Compare with normal stores, products here are of cheaper price, so you can have a good bargain shopping here. Also you can view Mount Fuji, symbol of Japan here in front of the eyes.

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Cancellation Policy

6day(s) before tour date30% of total
1day(s) before tour date40% of total
The day100% of total
Cancellation standard is based on our business hour (until 17:30 in Japan time).
※ Please be noted that we are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and New Year Holidays (29Dec to 3Jan) .


Region(s) Yamanashi
Language English (Audio), Chinese (Audio), Japanese
Range of language support
Not included introduction and explanation of tourist attraction during the tour.
But on the departure date, we can prepare and distribute travel voucher which written in your desire language (English or Chinese). So you can understand better about the trip.
During the tour, tourist information will be broadcast on the tour bus. In addition on the departure day, we will distribute travel voucher which written in your desire language. (English or Chinese) Tour itinerary and departure time at different sightseeing spots will also be written.
Basically, English or Chinese speaking tour guide will be accompanied. Either one of the language will use iPad for video translation service.
(There is a possibility that both of the languages will use iPad for video translation service)
Minimum number of participants for operation 4 persons
There is a minimum requirement on number of participant for holding the tour. In case minimum number is not reached and the tour need to be cancelled, notice will be sent by e-mail 14 days before departure d​ay​ (4 days before for 1 day tour). ​T​our fee paid will be fully refunded.
  • When the number of participants is few, mini van may be used for departure. (combination of rental car and driver service) In addition, the accompanied driver will act as staff as well, and "Video Translation"service will be applied as language support.
  • Please be noted that you cannot change the scheduled return location after the tour.
  • In case of traffic congestion or any other uncontrollable reasons, may lead to changes on tour schedule or time shorten in each sightseeing spots, please be noted in advance.
  • Due to bad weather or traffic congestion the road to Mt. Fuji 5th Station may not be passed through, the tour schedule will change to visit "Fuji Visitors Center" in this case.
  • In case of bad weather, there is a chance that Mount Fuji cannot be seen. For this reason we will not cancel the tour or make any refund.
  • From mid-November to mid-April, Fuji Suburu Line will be blocked and closed due to heavy snow and other weather conditions. In this case the road cannot be pass through, and the tour schedule will change to visit "Fuji Visitor Center". Depends on snow conditions, it may change to visit Fuji 1st to 4th Station as well.
  • If the road to Fuji 5th Station is under blockage and cannot pass through, Lucky Bell and Mt. Fuji key chain will be unable to present as gift.
  • Other Notes
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