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Special Winter Tour! Visit Asahiyama Zoo, Aoi-Ike Light Up and Shirohige Falls! SPK0586 / Z0068

JPY 6,800
Departure Place
: Depart from Sapporo
Departure Period
: 2017.12.02 - 2018.03.31
Tour Length
: 1 day
: English (Travel Guidelines), Chinese (Travel Guidelines),


  • Visit the signature of Hokkaido Biei, Aoi-Ike (Blue Pond)! Don't miss the Winter limited light up event!
  • Visit the Shirohige Falls light up event!
  • Enjoy the "Penguin Parade", annual Winter event of Asahiyama Zoo. Located at the northest part of Japan, gives Asahiyama Zoo the advantages of letting their visitors to see penguin walk very closely.


Departure Place
Meal(s)Breakfast : 0 / Lunch : 0 / Supper : 0
09:30Departure from Sapporo Excel Hotel (Gathering at 09:20 am. Departing at 09:30 am)
Departure from View Hotels Odori Park (Gathering at 09:35 am. Departing at 09:45 am)
Departure from ANA Hotel Sapporo (Gathering at 09:50 am. Departing at 10:00 am)
<Hokkaido Expressway>
(Take a rest at Sunagawa Highway Oasis/ Around 15 mins)
13:00Asahiyama Zoo
(Sightseeing, Lunch at own expenses/ Around 180 mins)
17:00Biei, Aoi-Ike
(Visit the light up event/ Around 30 mins)
18:00Biei, Shirohige Falls
(Visit the light up event and photo taking!/ Around 20 mins)
21:30Arrival at Sapporo Station (21:30)
Arrival at Odori Park (21:40)
Arrival at Susukino (21:50)
Arrival at Nakajima Park (22:00)

Tour Plans

APer person


12 or above
JPY 6,800
3 to 11
JPY 5,800
Start BookingStart BookingPlease choose dates and no. of guests on next page.


Aoi-Ike (Blue Pond) Light Up

Two of the popular tourist spots of Biei Hokkaido, "Aoi-Ike" & "Shirohige Falls" will be lighten up this Winter! Various lighting with so many patterns and colors are being prepared for telling one story which will be available for only a short period of time. Hold your camera, keep yourself warm against the cold weather and enjoy the beauty of lights and nature brought in one show! Highly recommended for Instagram picture as well!

Asahiyama Zoo

<Polar Bear>
One of the most popular animal in Summer! Watch them swimming around in the hot sunny day will be the sweetest scene ever.
<Arctic Fox>
White during Winter and grey during Summer. Color transition become the most interesting point of them.
<Red Panda and its Suspension Bridge>
Look how adorable red pandas spend their life on the tree and play on the suspension bridge.
<Sika Deer Forest>
Observe the sika deer spending their time in their habitat.

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Cancellation Policy

10day(s) before tour date20% of total
7day(s) before tour date30% of total
1day(s) before tour date40% of total
The day100% of total
Cancellation standard is based on our business hour (until 17:30 in Japan time).
※ Please be noted that we are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and New Year Holidays (29Dec to 3Jan) .


Region(s) Hokkaido
Language English (Travel Guidelines), Chinese (Travel Guidelines)
Range of language support
No language or translation support service
Minimum number of participants for operation 1 person
  • Participant of this tour will ride with Japan local visitor.
  • In case of traffic congestion or any other uncontrollable reasons, may lead to changes on tour schedule or time shorten in each sightseeing spots, please be noted in advance.
  • Admission ticket for Asahiyama Zoo is included. (The tour guide will not accompany you while sightseeing inside the zoo)
  • Please be noted that lunch at Asahiyama Zoo will be at customer's own expense.
  • According to traffic condition, arrival time may be delayed. Furthermore, in case of bad weather, there is a possibility that the tour may force to cancel on the departure day.
  • Joining this tour on your last day in Hokkaido is not recommended. As there is a possibility of traffic congestion or other delay during the tour. In this case, no compensation will be made.
  • 3-11 years old will be regarded as children price.
  • For infant below 2 years old, the tour fee is JPY500 each.
  • Please be noted that in case of any reasons that the expressway is being closed, the tour will be proceeded with public road and other available expressway. And the resting stop will change to Michi-no-Eki as well.
  • Please be noted that time staying at each tour spots may be shorten depends on the traffic condition.
  • Please write down in the remark column to let us know which place you would like to depart and dismiss.
  • Other Notes
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