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Okayama Summer Peach Festival! Experience White Peach Picking & All-You-Can Eat! Also 1.2 Million Sunflower Covering the Field with Its Freshening Color! OSA0275 / A2634

JPY 11,980
Departure Place
: Depart from Osaka / Kyoto
Departure Period
: 2018.07.14 - 2018.07.29
Tour Length
: 1 day
: English (iPad), Chinese (iPad), Japanese,


  • All-you-can-eat white peach, you can try to pick one and bring home as souvenir! All-you-can-eat melon and grapes are also available after lunch for 20 mins.
  • Visit the South Light Sunflower Field in Sayo-cho, take memorable photos at this beautiful site like movie scene!
  • Enjoy your rich summer lunch set! Included pike conger shabu shabu, boiled Sakushu black beans, soup & all-you-can-eat local specialty of Matsuri sushi and Kamokawa noodles!
  • Visit Okayama Winery! Try to taste 6 types of wine and enjoy your shopping time!
  • Ten rich white peach souvenirs offered - 1. One white peach pick by yourself 2 & 3. Two white peaches given by the garden owner 4. White peach pie 5. White peach chocolate 6. White peach cookie 7. White peach gaufre 8. White peach jelly 9. White peach Kibi Dango 10. White peach caramel


Departure Place
Mainichi Newspapers Building Front[ Google Maps ][ Download ]
Meal(s)Breakfast : 0 / Lunch : 1 / Supper : 0
07:30Departure from Umeda (Gathering at 07:15 am)
09:30South Light Sunflower Field in Sayo-cho
(Visit the sunflower field/ Around 50 mins)
11:30Nishinoya, Yunogo
(Lunch with rich summer set of pike conger shabu shabu/ Around 60 mins)
12:30After lunch
(All-you-can-eat peach, melon and Kyoho grapes as dessert/ Around 20 mins)
13:30Nishiyama Farm
(One white peach picking experience/ Around 30 mins)
14:30Okayama Winery
(Visit Okayama Winery, try to taste 6 types of wine and enjoy shopping/ Around 40 mins)
17:50Arrival at Umeda

Tour Plans

APer person


12 or above
JPY 11,980
3 to 11
JPY 11,480
Start BookingStart BookingPlease choose dates and no. of guests on next page.


White Peach

All-you-can-eat white peach, you can try to pick one and bring home as souvenir! All-you-can-eat melon and grapes are also available after lunch for 20 mins. Ten rich white peach souvenirs also offered! Which will definitely make you satisfied!

Sayo-cho South Light Sunflower Field

The sunflower field has about 1.3 million beautiful sunflowers. View here is just like a movie scene! The wide sunflower flower field is full of yellow sunflowers, and it is like a huge yellow carpet being spread out here. Which attracts many visitors come and pay a visit! (Right hand side image is Lunch)

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Cancellation Policy

10day(s) before tour date20% of total
7day(s) before tour date30% of total
1day(s) before tour date40% of total
The day100% of total
Cancellation standard is based on our business hour (until 17:30 in Japan time).
※ Please be noted that we are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and New Year Holidays (29Dec to 3Jan) .


Region(s) Okayama
Language English (iPad), Chinese (iPad), JapaneseWhat is video translation service?
Range of language support
Not included introduction and explanation of tourist attraction during the tour.
But on the departure date, we can prepare and distribute travel voucher which written in your desire language (English or Chinese). So you can understand better about the trip.
Minimum number of participants for operation 15 persons
There is a minimum requirement on number of participant for holding the tour. In case minimum number is not reached and the tour need to be cancelled, notice will be sent by e-mail 14 days before departure d​ay​ (4 days before for 1 day tour). ​T​our fee paid will be fully refunded.
  • Language used by accompanied staff is Japanese, and "video translation service" or "pocket translation device" will be used for language support. In addition on the departure day, we will distribute travel voucher which written in your desire language. (English or Chinese)
  • Participant of this tour will ride with Japan local visitor.
  • Please be noted that you cannot change the scheduled return location after the tour.
  • Tour is scheduled as listed hour, however may subject to change due to traffic condition.
  • If there is traffic congestion or any other reasons that affect the tour schedule, time of stay at each sightseeing spot will be shorten.
  • Please be noted that each participant is only allowed to pick one white peach, and all-you-can-eat peach will be served after lunch.
  • Please be noted that the tour will depart regardless of the blooming condition of the sunflowers.
  • Total blooming sunflowers in 6 different areas of South Light will be around 1.2 millions.
  • Please be noted that the winery will not be operated on weekends. In this case only wine tasting and shopping will be available.
  • Nanko Sunflower Festival of Sayo-cho is planned to be held from 14 July to 29 July.
  • Peach picking will be held basically during rainy day, but there is a possibility of cancellation if there is a big storm or under extremely bad weather condition. In return, one peach will be given to each participant, and no refund will be made, please kindly be noted in advance.
  • Schedule of this tour may subject to change.
  • All items left in the tour bus will be disposed by our company.
  • Other Notes
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