Exchange rate
( For reference only )
JPYCNY 0.058
JPYTWD 0.267
JPYHKD 0.069
JPYMYR 0.037
JPYVND 200.448
JPYPHP 0.454
JPYUSD 0.009

Private Charter Tour

For anyone who wants to go for a private trip in Japan, please feel free to make your request. We are here to help you to organize your trip. You can either use the provided itinerary or create your own original itinerary! Available starting from small group of 2 people up to 100 people. Not only 1 day tour, but also accommodation required tours! Furthermore, a qualified English or Chinese speaking staff would also be available to accompany you during the trip. So what are you waiting for? Make your request by pressing the "Inquiry" button at the top right hand corner in our website!

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