Exchange rate
( For reference only )
JPYCNY 0.059
JPYTWD 0.275
JPYHKD 0.071
JPYMYR 0.036
JPYVND 207.961
JPYPHP 0.485
JPYUSD 0.009

List of Tours

We bring you a variety of bus tours departing from locations throughout Japan. Our tours begin at meeting places located in city centers easily accessible by public transport, before whisking you away to popular sightseeing destinations around the country!

Is there somewhere you want to visit, but you don't know the way or can't make it there by yourself? If planning the itinerary for your trip to Japan is tougher than expected, why not join one of our tours? Not only can we help you enjoy famous sightseeing spots to the fullest, but we can also organize a schedule for the rest of your time in Japan too!

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