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H.I.S. JAPAN LOCAL TOUR packages can be reserved in Harajuku!

In fact, Harajuku is home to a JNTO-certified tourist information center for foreign tourists.

Before taking an H.I.S. JAPAN LOCAL TOUR package, you can either reserve via the Internet or arrange for a tour by calling or visiting our Harajuku location!

To find us, first look for the easy-to-spot group of signs on the left side of Harajuku Takeshita Street.

Next, turn left and look for the robot outside our tourist information office.

In addition to local area information, we also offer other types of assistance for foreign visitors.

Staff who speak English, Chinese and other languages are available every day, and the shop is operated by H.I.S. so you can reserve tours and trips—a unique service not available at other tourist information centers!

All H.I.S. JAPAN LOCAL TOUR packages, ranging from day trips to overnight bus tours and hands-on cultural experiences, can be reserved here. Moreover, special prices and plans not normally available when reserving on your own are available at this location, meaning you can enjoy discount-priced trips anytime.

We also offer multilingual tourist pamphlets, maps of Harajuku-area shops with complimentary coupons, and other bonuses for visitors to our location.

We recommend picking up a map, renting one of our bicycles and exploring the area!

Additionally, we offer foreign currency exchange, pocket Wi-Fi rentals, public transit tickets, short-term baggage check services and more. Feel free to ask us about anything!

If you have trouble finding us, the Harajuku Station staff will be happy to assist. We hope our services will help you enjoy your trip that much more!

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