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The Purple Scent

Lavender, the tenderness of early summer. At this season, the flower blooms on the vast land of Japan and dyes it into beautiful purple color, with the refreshing yet romantic aroma appeasing people’s

Fruit Picking

Japan grows an abundant variety of different fruits, each type delicious in taste and packed with nutrients. This is possible thanks to the sincere, dedicated attitudes of Japanese growers as well as

In-depth Look at Hakone

Hakone is part of a national park that also includes Mount Fuji, Japan's highest peak. The Hakone area's greatest attraction is its abundant natural beauty. Take Lake Ashi, for instance: this body of


In the northernmost part of Japan, Hokkaido just has too many glamorous sightseeing spots to name, and the seasonal landscape is more than enhancing. Spring is decorated with lovely cherry, summer is

In-depth Look at the Mount Fuji Area

Japan's tallest mountain, Mount Fuji rises to an elevation of 3776 metres (12388 feet). Fuji's elegant form is as a widely-known symbol of Japan both domestically and abroad. It has been considered a

Explore Food Scene

Our Japan tours provide you with the experience of not only viewing the country’s beautiful landscape, but also searching for delicious gourmet to add lavish flavor in the exploration. Covering variou

Autumn’s Brocade of Maple

Seasons transit and sceneries change. Japan has multifaceted beauty with colorful natural scenes, among which Japanese maple (called as koyo or momiji in Japanese) overwhelmingly dyes autumn at its be


Nighttime light displays and festivals have become common in local throughout Japan during Winter, filling the cold nights with graceful, glowing illumination that soothes and comforts. For years now,

In-depth Look at Shirakawago

Shirakawago hosts numerous Gassho-zukuri traditional thatched-roof houses with roots in this part of Japan, and in 1995 the village was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Gassho-zukuri ar

The Essence of Traditional Japanese Towns

Sanmachi district in Takayama, Gifu prefecture is one of important traditional building preservation areas. The old town is called “Furui-Machinami” and it consists of three narrow streets, which are


In Premier Outlet, famous brands products are launched directly for sales. Originally from America, Outlet has developed into specialized shopping center. There are 9 Outlets in Japan, and about 30 s

Japan's Flowers

There are 4 distinct seasons in Japan. And Japan was surrounded by sea geographically. Due to its territorial area which extends to all direction, the unique flower culture is able to be developed. Ha

Cherry Blossom in Japan

In Japan, the blossom of cherry symbolizes that spring comes, and a brand new year begins. There are many places well known for cherry blossom viewing, either culturally with a long history or being i

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

"Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route" is known as Japan's Alpen which located at 3,000 metres altitude of mountain areas and being popular as the mountain sight-seeing spot. The Tateyama mountain range was i

Snow monkey

Monkey soaking in hot spring is a unique scene that can only be seen in Japan! As snow piles up in winter, Japanese snow monkeys jump into hot spring, or vigorously play in their paradise. The widely

Winter Snow in Japan

Japan has four distinct seasons. Snow serves as the symbol of Winter, the coldest of these seasons, and it has deep-reaching ties with the lives of the Japanese people. Skiing, for example, is one of

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