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Nighttime light displays and festivals have become common in local throughout Japan during Winter, filling the cold nights with graceful, glowing illumination that soothes and comforts. For years now, these Japanese illumination events have attracted both females and males of all ages and nationalities, and the nation is filled with a truly abundant assortment of creative and distinctive light displays that are stunning to behold. Come and experience Japan's Winter lights for yourself!

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Ashikaga Flower Park

Ashikaga Flower Park's light display is an example of true skill and talent at work — their 2014 display was ranked number one in Japan! This year's illumination, called "Flower Fantasy: The Garden of Illuminated Flowers" is a botanical-garden-themed piece made of 3.5 million lights. Witness this flower-themed, artistic display of light here at Ashikaga Flower Park!

Sagamiko Illumillion

Sagamiko Illumillion boasts the "Milky Way of Light" display: Utilizing the area's topographical features, this display is built on the bank of a hill and is Japan's longest at 250 metres (820 feet). It is unique in that it can be viewed from above on the chairlift. The producers of this event have also been experimenting with a new, omnidirectional display that extends from the sky above down to viewers' feet — the first such attempt in Japan. Come and take in this display of luminous artistry fueled by six million lights at Sagamiko Illumillion!

Country Farm Tokyo German Village

Country Farm Tokyo German Village's light displays change from year to year, with electric and artistic decorations chosen based on new themes. Thanks to these efforts, repeat visitors, as well as first-time visitors, can enjoy a refreshing and impressive experience every time. The display set up in the field next to the Ferris wheel is particularly beautiful when viewed from above, as it appears that a virtual flood of lights has blanketed the ground's surface. Be sure to visit on your next trip!

Yomiuriland light up

The LED light-up at Yomiuriland is produced by world-class illumination designer, exhibiting the glamorous jewelry-like lights of its first kind worldwide. The illumination is made into eight categories in 30 kinds of colors, and presented in combination of various lights with jewelry radiance. When night falls, the garnish lights lure viewers into an infinitely fantastic wonderland. Also the spectacular fountain shows can be seen; please don’t miss the enlivened and elegant fountain water!

Nabana no Sato

Nabana no Sato's illumination event is some of the largest in Japan, and each year features an outstanding new theme. This year's theme is “Japan’s beauty- Kumamoto’s spectacular landscape”. The grand light up shows not only magnificent natural beauty, also transition of unimaginable colorful scenes with breathtaking effect. Nabana no Sato's displays have a beauty and power that should be best experienced in person.

Laguna Ten Bosch

Laguna Ten Bosch's greatest luminous attraction this year is "Flowers of Light" themed underwater light display. 2016 will be its debut year. Flowers along the shore will also be decorated with lights, creating a world that appears to be studded with lovely, glowing gemstones. Lights, music and projection mapping are used at Laguna Ten Bosch to create light-based entertainment in various forms.

Izu Granpal Amusement Park“Gran Illumination”

Izu Granpal Amusement Park holds “Gran Illumination” after munificent renewal, now bestowed with about 6million bulbs of the largest intensity in the world. The light show creates a gleaming world of fun and love! While enjoying the illumination, visitors can take the wire rope, or colorful 110 meter long “Night Rainbow” to experience the full dimension beauty of light.

Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch's light displays are some of Japan's most famous. In fact, they were ranked as the best displays in Japan for the last three years! This luminous fantasy world was created with 13 million light bulbs, which formed a pure, light-based entertainment. The "Light Waterfall" cascading down from Domtoren, the 66-metre (217 feet) tower that serves as the park's symbol, and the Light & Fountain Canal, an underwater canal-based illumination, are both must-see displays.

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