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Fruit Picking

Fruit Picking

Japan grows an abundant variety of different fruits, each type delicious in taste and packed with nutrients. This is possible thanks to the sincere, dedicated attitudes of Japanese growers as well as their technological strengths, both of which enable delicious flavor and safe, trustworthy final products. The delicious tastes of Japanese fruits can also be attributed to the country's rich climates and natural features intertwined with four distinct seasons — the bounties of nature fill each fruit with seasonal delectability. During your next visit to Japan, experience the joys of the four seasons along with tasty fruit.

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Japan's strawberries are popular among children and adults. They are in season from Winter (December) to late Spring (May), and because they are packed with Vitamin C they help prevent colds, beautify the skin and offer other such advantages. Unique Japanese varieties of strawberry such as Tochiotome and Amaou boast sweet flavor and seem to melt in the mouth.


Japanese cherries saturate the palate with a refreshingly sour-sweet taste. They come into season during the summer, with the best cherries available during June and July. Thanks to high potassium content, cherries can help prevent high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and other such problems. Unique Japanese varieties such as Satonishiki and Benishuho are characterized as a high class, refined, delicate sweetness.


Lauded all over the world, Japanese peaches are juicy with a smooth texture. This plump, delightfully sweet fruit comes into season during the summer, from July to September. Generous quantities of pectin found in the dietary fiber of Japanese peaches help to relieve constipation and are also believed to have a beautifying effect. Hakuho, Akatsuki and other unique Japanese varieties of peach feature a pervasive, delectably rich sweetness.


In Japan, grapes are usually categorized first by color: red, purple ("black" in Japanese) or green. They are packed with juices and strike a pleasing balance between tartness and sweetness. Japanese grapes come into season during the summer and fall, from June to October, and the polyphenol contained inside each fruit is believed to promote smoother blood flow to help prevent maladies such as arteriosclerosis and cancer. The massive Kyoho, a unique Japanese variety, as well as Delaware grapes and others grown domestically boast outstanding flavor balances that make it nearly impossible to stop with just one bite.


Ultra-juicy with a pronounced sweetness, Japan's apples are loved by customers all around the world. They come into season during the fall and winter, from September to January. Apples are believed to help prevent a wide range of illnesses, which is why Japanese people are firm believers in the proverb "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Try some of Japan's unique varieties, such as Fuji and Tsugaru, to experience their fresh and juicy sweetness for yourself!

Mandarin Oranges

In Japan, mandarin orange growers put a lot of time and effort into cultivating unique varieties defined by their superb balance of tartness and sweetness. This fruit is most delicious when it comes into season during the fall and winter, from September to February. Because mandarin oranges are rich in Vitamin C, they can help prevent rough skin, colds and more diseases. Try the Satsuma mandarin (Citrus unshiu, known as unshu mikan in Japanese), one of Japan's unique varieties, to experience both tart and sweet flavors at once.

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