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Japan's Flowers

Japan's Flowers

There are 4 distinct seasons in Japan. And Japan was surrounded by sea geographically. Due to its territorial area which extends to all direction, the unique flower culture is able to be developed. Have you ever heard about Japan's flower arrangement (Kado) and Flower viewing (Hanami) culture? All these culture result in Japan's one and only Cherry Blossom (Sakura) that being loved by people all over the world. As well as Hydrangea (Ajisai), the flower which beautifully bloomed during long rainy season. Therefore, are you interested in joining a flower trip in Japan? You would not believe what you will see!

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Cherry Blossom (Sakura)

Every year at the end of March, cherry blossoms which been anticipated by everyone will bloom! The earliest one is Cherry blossom in Kawazu, Izu area, which bloomed in early spring from the beginning of February. To Japanese, Cherry blossom is a sign that Spring is coming. During that time, especially end of March, the cherry blossom festival is held everywhere and could be enjoyed by everyone in Japan.


Nemophila is one of the famous among many flowers in Hitachi Seaside Park, that begins to bloom in around late April every year, and being considered as representative of Spring. The scenery which the hill is dyed in blue and as the sky and sea are blending, create a spectacular view. The harmony of Nemophila, sky, and sea are waiting for you to visit.


Shibazakura is a type of cherry blossom which grows at the foot of Mt.Fuji. As it begins to bloom in the mid-April, the "Fuji Shibazakura Festival" also being held as the celebration. There are also various types of moss grasses and flowers blooming here which completed the beauty.
Come and visit this place, for the chance of enjoying the view of Mt. Fuji, the highest spot in Japan from the middle of beautiful park.

Japanese wisteria

Wisteria in "Ashikaga Flower Park" begins to bloom around mid-April, at the same time as Fuji Festival is being held. There are so many can be seen here, such as of 1000 square metres wide, 150 years old giant wisteria trellis, and a 80 metres long wisteria trellis with flowers in yellow and white colour. Grab your chance to enjoy these beautiful Japanese wisteria.


Hydrangea bloomed in Kamakura Temple, the ancient capital of Japan, start changing color from late-May. From early til mid-June, is the best period to watch the blooming hydrangea. Hydrangea which blooms in distinct temple, has its own beauty and peculiarity. Especially, the Meigetsuin Temple, which also known as The Temple of Hydrangeas (Ajisaidera), since it is filled with beautiful blue hydrangea. When you come to Kamakura, you will surely be dazzled by its charm!


In Hokkaido, there are plenty of Lavender Parks and according to the variety, the suitable viewing period is different. From late June to early August, the farms will be covered in purple. Lavender which blooms on this vast land are certainly adhesive to Japanese and so do you. When you are visiting Hokkaido, there is no doubt that you will be dazzled by its charm. Moreover, it would be more enjoyable if lavender products could be made and bought here as souvenirs.


Kokia is blooming in Oishi Park near Kawaguchiko Lakeside. From the mid til late October, is the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of Autumn leaves and also red Kokia. Shape and colour of Kokia is similar as a huge red carpet, will be captivated in your mind for sure. Moreover, you will not want to miss the combination of Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchiko, and Kokia which create a great panoramic view.

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