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Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

"Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route" is known as Japan's Alpen which located at 3,000 metres altitude of mountain areas and being popular as the mountain sight-seeing spot. The Tateyama mountain range was impregnable in the past, but now it can be accessed easily. There are so many charms in this spot every season. In spring, thick snow is being built as "Snow Walls" on both sides of the road. When Summer begins, many beautiful plants started to grow in this warm season. During Autumn, the mountains are colored with the color of Autumn leaves. Whenever you visit this place, it always has its beauty which can be enjoyed!

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Tateyama Kurobe Transportation

One of the charming points of "Tateyama Kurobe Alpen Route" is the existence of various transportation facilities which can be utilized to go around the whole place. This course will also allow you to go to the highest point in Japan which could be reached by a trolley bus at a altitude of 2,450 metres. And also the cable car, in order to preserve the landscape and environment, it was built and ran through underground. For the ropeway there is a 360-degree of panoramic landscape which could be enjoyed by the visitors. Please enjoy the natural beauty by using various kind of interesting vehicles!

Murodo Hira/ Snow Otani

Introducing the highlight and the best way to spend time in "Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route". First of all, the "Snow Wall" is, a must-see spot! Since you could not find it elsewhere but only here. With the altitudes of above 2,400 metres, it is a giant wall you probably would love to see in person. Furthermore, it is being built on both sides of the road that will definitely beautify your journey here! From mid-April until late June will be the perfect time for a visit.

Taikan Peak

Taikan Peak is one of the stations of the ropeway at an altitude of 2,316 metres around the hilly areas. From its top, you would be able to spectate a panorama of Kurobe Lake and Tateyama. This is one of the most beautiful spot in Alpine Route. In addition, on your way from the ropeway until Taikan Peak, 360 degree panoramic scenery is freely enjoyable and in this altitude you may feel like walking in the air.

Kurobe Dam

Kurobe Dam is the largest arched dam in Japan with the height of 186 metres and 492 metres long. 10 tons of water splashes out per second could be watched from 26 June to 15 October every year. In addition, the ship which running on the Kurobe Lake will takes around 30 minutes for a round. By riding on it you can have a great view of the giant mountain and the dam as well.

Maple Season in Tateyama

Maples of Tateyama are featured with extravagant colors of not only passionate red and yellow, but dark or light green trees. In mid September, at the peak of Alpine Route Murododaira changes its outfit into overwhelming red, yellow and green colors. While sitting the ropeway between Daiganbo and Kurobedaira Station, visitors can see the extraordinary view of three stages colors of snow on top the mountains, maples in the middle and greenery on the bottom. At the Midagahara Plateau, the contrast view of colorful plants and the blue sky is more than exhilarating!

Maple in Kurobe Gorge

The Kurobe Gorge is the deepest “V” gorge of Japan. A huge percentage of evergreen trees and the scattering red or yellow maples start to color the gorge in mid October. The whole torokko journey takes about 80 minutes, and the painting scroll-like maples form up an incredibly still tunnel for explorers. At the platform, the marvelous view of train running through the Kurobe Gorge could be captured for the unique memory of maple trip.

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