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The Purple Scent

The Purple Scent

Lavender, the tenderness of early summer. At this season, the flower blooms on the vast land of Japan and dyes it into beautiful purple color, with the refreshing yet romantic aroma appeasing people’s heart. Although now lavender land has been for sightseeing in Hokkaido, it was widely cultivated as crops in the past. At present, lavender is planted all over the country for both sightseeing and making lavender products. While strolling in the lavender field and admiring the lovely flower, please also savor the lavender flavor ice cream or give a try of purple soap. These could be experienced during the lavender festivals adorned with the fluffy purple carpet!

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Furano, Hokkaido

Furano area of Hokkaido is a world wide notable lavender viewing spot. Including Farm Tomita, Saika no Sato and Shikisai no oka etc., the area has Japan’s largest scale of lavender. Originally rice paddy was planted here, and then it was converted into lavender field for producing perfume ingredients. Being a valley itself Furano, it is surrounded by rural area, and commands views of the Tokachi Mountains to the east, Mt. Furanonishi, Mt. Ashibetsu and other moutains in the Yubari range to the South. This is where lavender cultivation started in Furano. The purple shuttle bus is available for riding to tour around the lavender filed for 15 to 20minutes, with grand scenery of lavender, Tokachi and Yubari Mountains all at glance.

Lake Kawaguchi

In early summer, dream-like lavender decorates Lake Kawaguchi like purple yarn with the sublime Mt. Fuji close at hand. About 100 thousand lavenders are planted around the lake area; during blossom season, Herb Festival is held mainly in Oishi and Yagizaki Park which have been one of the most visited sites. Oishi Park is a prime location to stroll among the lavender field with Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi as wondrous backdrop. Here it also attracts photography lovers for startling shots of not only lavenders but other season’s colorful flowers. To the south of Lake Kawaguchi is Yagizaki Park where the purple carpet expands beyond with refreshing fragrance gently diffusing in the air. As evening light up is put on, the night view is distinctively amazing compared with that of day!

Tambara Lavender Park

Tambara Lavender Park is located at Tambara Highland of Numata City, Gunma Prefecture. At the elevation of 1350m, the Park has the largest number of 50 thousand lavenders in Kanto area along with a diversified flowers, of which the relaxing scent fills all over in the summer air. Lavenders here of early and late blossom types are for admiring from mid July till mid August. Between the entrance garden at the foot of mountain and the Highland garden, path is available for moderate walking exercise. Ascending the observation deck, grand lavender filed could be overviewed!

Sakura, Chiba

Sakura boasts for its 7,000 m² lavender field which is the largest one in Chiba Prefecture. In general up to 5500 stubs lavender of three types including provence, hidcote and grosso are planted; the yearly lavender festival is held in accordance with their blossom season. While its pleasant fragrance diffuse to bring a relaxing effect, the purple flowers also remind people of the syrup with loved ones from the past. People from different places may encounter when gathering for the lovely lavender and become connected thereafter, which was the initial proposal of building this lavender land in Sakura.

Hiruzen Herb Garden

Hiruzen Herb Garden Herbill was built in 1997, and is an excellent location for a sweeping view of Hiruzen’s three peaks on the border of Okayama and Tottori Prefectures in Honshu of Japan. The contoured garden on the hill is home for about 250 types of herbs, local mountain vegetables, wild grasses and flowers. Visitors come as flowers blossom while being encompassed by the aromatic air, especially during July overwhelming lavender is a must-see. It is reputed as the largest scale lavender field in West Japan; the tenderly delicate flowers are in contrast with the magnificent mountains, making an unforgettable gripping scene at one of year’s best seasons.

Inawashiro Herb Garden

Inawashiro Herb Garden of Fukushima Prefecture is based at Bandai Highland, also a grand blissed land of flowers and fragrance. There are about 500 types of plants on the vast land, which offers flower picking to experience. Between mid June and July, the aromatic carpet of delicate purple expands beyond horizon; visitors can take leisurely stroll between the fairy-tale like flower field. Being surrounded by the grandeur Mt. Bandai and Inawashiro Lake, feel reveled in the beautiful nature as summer’s breeze gently creeps over mingling with tempting aroma of lavender! Why not spend a day to wind down in this purple wonderland?

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