Exchange rate
( For reference only )
JPYCNY 0.059
JPYTWD 0.275
JPYHKD 0.071
JPYMYR 0.036
JPYVND 207.961
JPYPHP 0.485
JPYUSD 0.009

Other Notes

  • No smoking on bus. Under normal situation, adjustment of seat angle is prohibited. (Except for some specific products)
  • Please be punctual and arrive at the gathering location on time. As the tour is of group activities, tour bus will depart on time according to schedule regardless of the late comers. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.
  • In case of typhoon, snow or bad weather that effect the tour, decision will be made the day before departure on whether to cancel the tour or not. And notice will be sent by e-mail before (Japan time).
  • Depends on the number of participant, bus size will be different. (medium or small size bus)
  • There is no toilet inside the tour bus.
  • Place of arrival and gathering location will be different.
  • All items left in the tour bus will be disposed by our company.
  • Pet is not allowed on tour bus.
  • Seating on the tour bus will be assigned by our company.
  • The exchange rate is only for your reference, it is not the actual rate of the day.

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