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About Our Bus Tours

JAPAN LOCAL TOUR is a website operated by H.I.S., one of Japan's most well-known travel agencies. Geared toward visitors to Japan from abroad, this site was created based on H.I.S.'s corporate philosophy of providing, through tourism, new insights to people around the world and contributing toward a more peaceful planet and mutual understanding regardless of factors such as nationality, race, cultural background and religion. Most JAPAN LOCAL TOUR products are bus tours designed for non-Japanese tourists.

The following is a brief look at the advantages of the bus tours offered at JAPAN LOCAL TOUR. If the following features appeal to you, then we highly recommend giving one of our bus tours a try!

Affordable Pricing

When traveling on your own, you have to cover the costs of train tickets, a rental car, gasoline and other such expenses. With our tours, you travel via bus as part of a group, meaning you can enjoy group discounts while also splitting transport and other costs with the other members. If you want to travel around Japan, our bus tours are definitely more economical than making arrangements yourself!

Convenient, Worry-free and Comfortable

All you have to do is show up at the initial meeting point, and our convenient bus tours will take you around to a variety of different sightseeing destinations. And don't worry—we'll return you to the same place you started once the tour is over! You won't have to drag heavy luggage around from place to place, making for more easy-going travel. Moreover, our use of tour buses means you also won't have to transfer between trains, city buses and other types of public transportation as you travel, eliminating the need to haul your things around with you and thus facilitating a comfortable day of laid-back sightseeing.

Interpretation Services

Interpreters accompany bus tours to eliminate any worries you may have regarding language barriers. This is just one of JAPAN LOCAL TOUR's many services designed to prevent stress and discomfort. (Note: Some tours use video-based interpretation via iPads.) *According to different departure dates, instead of ipad, "pocket translation device" will be used for translation service.
In addition, the use of buses rather than airplanes makes it possible for you to gaze out the window at Japan's seasonal scenery as you go. It's the perfect form of travel for customers who want to enjoy the country's seasonally changing landscapes.
Because bus travel times can sometimes be lengthy, we ask that tour customers bring along seat cushions, items to keep yourself entertained and other travel supplies as necessary. Sit back and enjoy traveling all around Japan on bus tours brought to you by JAPAN LOCAL TOUR!

Comments and feedback from actual tour guests will be added below as they become available.

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